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Who can use this page?

This page is adapted to everyone. You can use it for different reasons. Like if you want to know more about your name, a friend name, or a name for a baby that you may expect. These are some of the possibilities but there are more. Don"t hesitate and continue with your search.

Tips for parents

This section in this page is for parents. We know that sometimes look for a right name can be a nightmare. But, here we are to help you in that task. There are questions and ideas to see, with them, you can be sure that you take the right decision to select a name. Every page on this site will include a section like this one to help you. Don"t forget to check them!

You can select a name that will make you smile every time. Imagine your child responding to the name. Can you visualize that name?. Don"t be in a hurry to select your child"s name, you can select one after the baby is born. It"s possible that you have some doubts. You can choose one when you see your baby"s face and select the right one. Look at your baby and you"ll get some ideas.


There are plenty of names. More than 3000 from more than 15 origins. These names are sorted by origin and gender. Every page on this site has a purpose. It will show you any specific kind of name sorted by the origin or the gender. You can find what you are looking with this organization. Before to start be sure to select the right one for you.

Why is it good?

This site is related to names. We don"t include other kinds of content. Here you can get tips, ideas to do that search right. We want you to find your request. You shouldn"t forget to check these sections in every page to don"t miss any idea.